War Cave Lizard

Description: These rare carnivorous large lizards are 12-14 feet long, half of which is tail. With gray/brown coloration of their scaly hide, these native creatures are able to climb up walls and across ceiling to drop onto their pray from above. Domesticated and trained by the dwarves of Stahlheim whether for warfare akin to warhorses.

[Note: Not useful for hauling wagons and such]

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6 (A), Spirit d8, Strength d12+2, Vigor d10

Skills: Climbing D10, Fighting D8, Notice D6, Stealth D6,

Pace: 8 Parry:6 Toughness:10(1)

Resource: Value -6 , – 6 Availability [Found only in the mountains] Cost: 5000

Special Abilities:

Size +3

Armor +1: Scaly hide

Bite: Str+d6

Wall Walking: Cave Lizards can move on all but the smoothest vertical surfaces with ease, and can move upside down with a Climbing roll. [If incapacitated while wall walking, falls]

Fleet Footed: Cave Lizards move at a Pace of 8 normally, but roll a d8 for running.

Trip: A War Cave Lizard can trip attackers behind it with its tail by making an opposed Strength roll. This does no damage.

Tongue Strike: Cave Lizards can fire their tongues up to 2” with exceptional accuracy (use Fighting skill for this attack), to try to grab a target no larger than themselves. This is like a Grapple attack and cave lizards can damage the target in subsequent rounds using Grapple rules but doing Str+d8 bite damage.

Infravision/Low Light Vision: See perfectly in the dark to low light condition, in bright light such as sunlight -2 vision.

Not Slowed in Difficult Terrain: Mountainous, rocky, steep type.

Slowed normally by snow/thick vegetation.

War Cave Lizard

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