Stahlheim is approximately 3750 square miles on and in the southern portion of the Stoneheart Mountains with Crag being their primary trading town with others. The surface area is disputed with the Malakar Dominion. Outside of Crag there are hunting camps and farms on the surface but the majority of the kingdom is in the mountains where they mine, refine, and forge the ores.

The main tunnel into the mountains is approximately 10 miles northeast of Crag. The tunnel in is broad and well-constructed, large enough for dwarves to ride horseback and to run carts in and out past each other with supplies to the various settlements inside the mountain. The main tunnel enters the mountain uphill for drainage out of, not into the mountain. Once inside the mountain it splits one way circling up in the mountain the other down, there are branching tunnels off the main tunnel which are not as large wherever there was a good vein of minerals that are being mined, or were mined out. There are also periodic small vent tunnels to the surface of the mountain for air exchange with grating across the outer ends to keep unwanteds out, at a minimum each town and waystation will have air tunnels and all forges will have either their own air tunnel, or a link Into one. Wherever major veins were found a settlement was formed with basic needs for any town, shops, homes, forges. The primary purpose of each of these settlements would be the mining of that vein but there would be at a minimum an inn and a tavern for those passing through, and every days march down the main tunnel would be a waystation to rest for dwarves and their mounts. The main settlement is deep in the mountain over the largest vein of white silver ore, it has full complement of shops and entertainments, and the best smiths in the mountain. it is run by Clanchief Oracyon Fyrforg who is clanchief and the best smith in the mountain. Once a vein is mined out if another vein cannot be found nearby the settlement is abandoned, sometimes totally, sometimes the inn and tavern will remain open as a waystation.

Population of Stahlheim is predominately Dwarven but there is a scattering of other races as well, particularly in Crag and the surface farms and hunting camps. Goblinoids are employed as tunnel cleaners and other menial jobs in the mountains. Some of the waystations between the towns have turned into Gathers where the workers rest.

Stahlheim welcomes Greyson’s Grey Rangers and it is not unusual for its citizens, including the nobles, to train with the rangers. They have an outpost in Crag captained by Granyt Fyrforg, fifth son of Oracyon. The rangers work with Stahlheim forces as constables, and as first defense against any forces coming south from or through the Malakar Dominion.

Ores and Minerals found in Stahlheim: copper, gold, iron, lead, molybdenum, tin, tungsten, white silver and zinc ore deposits, minerals include anglesite, barite, beryl, corundum, fluorite, garnet, hematite, jade, topaz and tourmaline.

Stahlheim is also the name of the settlement the Clan Chief lives in and rules from. Presently this settlement is seven days travel from the Tunnel opening by Crag deep into the mountain by the main lode of white silver.


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