Hallardrin is an iron mining settlement 3 days travel upslope from the tunnel out to Crag

Village of Hallardrin’s Deep
Total population: 888
Dwarves: 870
Goblinesh: 18
Total guard: 15
In addition, 11 clergy tend to the spiritual needs of the Village .
Services in this Village :
Inns: 2 Inn of the Railir’s, and Frothy Skullsplitters Jug and Bed
Taverns: 2 Coal Hole, and Laughing Ogre
Blacksmiths: 2 The Gleaming Breastplate, and The Wandering Warrior
Healers: 1 The Drunken Priest
Bowyers: 1 The Broken Bow
Merchants: 1 Eberhardt’s Essentials
Leatherworkers: 1 Hearth Hide
Tailors: 3 Tartan and Plaid
Cobblers: 2 Slippery Rock Cobbler; Harry’s Twinkle Toes
Fishmongers: 1
Farriers: 1 The Frenized Hoof
Carpenters: 2 That Woody, and Blooming Barks
Masons: 2 Sundersmites

An Iron Mine is located in the southeastern side of the village, a small river with a good supply of fish runs down from the northeast. The road to the village from down the mountain which also leads further up the mountain is to the west. The river is a second means of connecting the village to some other villages further down the mountain the Farriers in this case deals with both travel down the river and travel on the carts that pass through the village on their way up or down the mountain. A majority of the village’s members work most days in the mines.

The Railir family was the family that discovered the iron deposit at this village, they were the first to set up a home here, the Inn they own now being an expansion upon the home that they had originally built.


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