Cave Lizard Barding

This special barding is custom fitted to a specific cave lizard and can be made from a variety of materials depending on the level of protection the rider wants for his mount.

Type Armor Coverage Weight Cost Value Availability

Leather Cave Lizard Barding: +1 -2 30lb 100 +2 +0
Scale Cave Lizard Barding: +2 -4 60lb 500 +0 +0
Chain Cave Lizard Barding: +3 -4 75lb 1500 -2 -2
Plate and Chain Cave Lizard Barding: +4 -4 120lb 2700 -4 -4
Plate Chain Cave Lizard Barding: +5 -4 150lb 4800 -6 -6
White Silver Plate Cave Lizard Barding: +6 -4 75lb 100000 -6 -6

Basic Leather barding covers just the body and legs of the lizard leaving the head and tail exposed

Scale improves in both protection and coverage, adding an additional sleeve of scaled armor that protects the tail.

Cave Lizard Barding

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