Shaintar J&L Soldiers of Stahlheim

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Sgt. Grum's mission report 9/26/15
Trouble in the White Silver mines

Salutations Captain Fyrforg and thank you for my promotion to field command.

Your first assignment has been carried out. The miners our group were to escort have been delivered to the mines. My report on the events is as follows:

1) This portion of the mines was over run by undead skeletons and the risen zombies of the previous miners.

2) The undead were controlled by a dwarvish necromancer of considerable tactical presence and power.

3) My platoon performed admirably in the face of danger, I recommend commendations for all and I have selected Gerard Runestrom as my new Corporal.

4) The ashes and/or bodies of our fallen comrades have been recovered for internment, the necromancer has been captured, and a despoiled temple of Dranak has been re-sanctified by our platoon priest Harrodius Highwall with the assistance of Gerard Runestrom.

5) Specialist Agar Gravelturner and our lore warden Elak Lorekeeper were instrumental in preventing an attack from the rear and thwarting an ambush that may have spelled our defeat.

I look forward to your de-briefing and, as always, am at your service.

Grum Goldbeard
Sgt. Stahlheim Army

Elak's Log
Forest Dance the 12th

Elak’s Log,

Forest Dance the 11th (Why do we use these Elvish names?)
I was assigned to a unit headed up by a sorcerer Grum Goldbeard. After I arrived I was summoned to Rorauk Fyrforg himself! I met the rest of my unit, a priest of Dranak named Harrodious Highwall, a scout Agar Gravelturner, a wright/sorcerer Gerard Runestrom. We were told of a new mine that was opened a few days before, where a group of miners hadn’t returned on schedule. Our orders were to go to the mine and figure out what happened, to retrieve the miners alive if possible and if they were dead to bring back the bodies. To figure out what happened to the mines and deal with it appropriately. We were given the evening to rest before heading out.

Forest Dance the 12th
We were escorted by several miners who show us the way to the mine, we were told to protect them. When we arrived we notice the absence of sound…It was eerily silent, we stepped into the main chamber of the cave and saw nothing. The miners told us that the deposits were ahead down a tunnel so the main group went that way. I was curious about the side chamber so I went towards the south and saw two skeletons who just stood there, I think they thought I didn’t see them. So I waited, after a few seconds they attacked me with another skeleton who had been hiding behind a cave wall. As I fought Harrodious came from behind me and took out one of the skeleton’s, I swung and took out another skeleton, as soon as I re-kill it the serge comes barreling out from where the skeletons came from and killed the last one fighting me.

We regrouped in the second chamber and continued on into the third where we found the bodies of the miner’s we were sent to find, Harrodious sense the presence of magic so we held the miners back, it was fortunate as the body’s raised and so combat was engaged. Agar had surged ahead so when the bodies began to move he was surrounded, he began flailing wildly with his knives barely scratching his opponents, as they began to pummel him the sarge came rushing in to save him. Everything was going well until we heard the sound of bone scraping stone to the north, as we were finishing off the last of the zombie’s about a dozen skeleton’s came rushing out of a tunnel and quickly surrounded the sarge and Agar dropping Agar instantly. The sarge held his cool and ordered Gerard Runestrom to unleash his fury on them, so Gerard lined up with the skeleton’s and unleashed a jet of pure energy that disintegrated the skeleton’s and opened up a new tunnel. At that time we heard laughter and a Dwarven necromancer came around the corner and covered our group in a blanket of darkness, we couldn’t see our axes in front of our faces. We stumbled after the Necromancer and he kept shifting the cloud, we finally caught up to him and he bolted sarge right in the chest, thankfully our superior Dwarven craftsmanship saved his life as the plate mail saved his life. When I heard what happened I barreled down the newly formed tunnel and smashed as hard as I could into the vile cretin hoping to smash his ribs, he was prepared magically and I felt a cold darkness surround me, I called upon Dranak and he bestowed upon me a heart of adamant. I steeled myself for another assault when the sarge came running up and smashed the necromancer with his ax, it seemed to slide along the air around the dwarf who laughed at the sarges attempt. That was the last straw! I swung with my shield with all my might and I felt bones break under my assault, the necromancer stumbled backwards down the passageway and tried feebly to raise another shroud of darkness, Gerard laughed at his attempt and came up and knocked him out and hogtied him. We striped searched him and found a magical talking crossbow (I know, weird, right?) and a few mundane items. The crossbow said that the necromancer had desecrated a temple to Dranak, so we went and found the temple empty of bodies in all of it’s crypt’s and the presence of a great evil. The priest and Gerard both worked together to create a device that would cleanse the temple and it worked!!! We set up the miners who said we could mine some whitesilver and keep what we mined! We packed up our supplies, the necromancer, and ourselves and headed back to base.

Mission Log: Forest Dance the 12th.
Specialist Agar Gravelturner, Stahlheim Army Scout.

To Stahlheim Command.
Possible to the Church of Dranak.

-Venture into a newly opened White Silver Mine. Discover the where abouts of a previous detachment of miners, that had not returned as planned or sent word of any predicament.

-Escort and protect a group of 8 miners, who will mine white silver, possible help in a rescure mission in case of a cave in or similar.

-Return with news of the previous detachment of miners and possible there bodies in case of there demise.

I was assigned to a squad under Sergeant Grum Goldbeard, a squad of stout warriors, all of above average intelligence and usefulness. As most of them, have additional fields of expertise beyond what most dwarven warriors finds useful. In this case Wrights, sorcery and thankfully a Priest of Dranak too.
The journey to the mine was rather uneventful. Close to the mine proper, I discovered the first group of what happened to be the source of our mission. Skeletons, four of them. With a classic hammer on hammer maneuver, we crushed them in short order, they did not pose much of a threat.

Travelling deeper, we found the bodies of the dead miners. Lying scattered in the mines.
It was a sad sight, and I found myself moving deeper into the mine, examining all the bodies for any lifesigns.

What we found was that they were not truly dead, they had been animated into abominations, heard some of the others in the squad call them Zombies. Them standing and slashing, as we almost had dispatched them, we were assaulted by a large detachment of skeletons. And I found myself surrounded rather quickly. But I managed to hold off the skeletons long enough, for the squad to maneuver in, where there hammers and spells could do the most damage, before I was overcome.

Thankfully Harrodious Highwall Priest of Dranak was assigned to the squad as well, as he was able to get me back on my feet after the fight. I was waking up to a cave floor covered in splintered bone.
The culprit appeared to be a dwarven necromancer, who had also desecrated a nearby temple of Dranak.
Which Harrodious Highwall with assistance from Gerard Runestrom was able to sanctify, clearing out the filth that once was.

The escorted miners quickly took to mining, even after these awful events.

PS: Suggestion to command and church of Dranak, reestablish a presence in this old temple of Dranak, there was fresh water and good room for Priests, warriors and miners. With good options for expanding if needed.

Accounts in the mines: 12th of Forest Dance
Gerard Runestrom Observations

It was disclosed recently there was a discovery of a new white silver mine and naturally trouble was afoot. Majority of the soldiers were newcomers to the military, inclined to justify assessing our abilities on the field. Grum Goldbeard was the commanding officer whom oversaw field operations with our colorful hues of stone which consisted of our unit. A rescue mission it was as we traverse. Time was literally against us, that stirring motion that something ominous occurred on the site. It appeared such thoughts were acute for minions of darkness lingered in the mines. Its first patrol of Skeletons were neutralized in a timely manner with hammers, a briefing everyone appeared focused on based on Rorauk Fyrforg.

The specialist curiosity had him stumbled upon the corpses of the dwarves. Unfortunately for him and lucky for my squad where it seem logical to sense the perimeter for magical pulses revealed darkness. Kin no longer they emerged as zombies and even a few skeletons decided to greet us. Armor defended us kindly, Agar lacking though sensible for a scout took mutiple wounds to the torso from clawed hands. He was out of commission tempararily, though our sight was forsaken with negative essense perversing the effect. Its goes without saying a necromancer was involved. The Sergeant took the blunt of his wicked magic, only for the rest of us to subdue him non-lethally by my suggestion. Who knew a few of my proposals would land a promotion. I suppose I might as well reap the benefits for now.

Last part of significance. A temple was discovered where a former noble originated…the name escapes me momentarily despite the arduous hours researching it prior. Regardless we recovered a few bodies, saved our new group of miners, and captured the cause of the disturbance with the cavern now blessed.

For the love of Dranak
into the mines I go.

On Forest Dance 11 I was summoned before Rorauk Fyrforg for an assignment (I was to be the medic) to go into the mines with some miners with a mission to keep these miners safe, to find what had happened to the last group of miners, to recover them or their bodies if they were dead, and to deal with whatever might have happened to them.
We would be heading down the first thing the next morning,
The others that were chosen to go forth with the miners were:
Gerard Runestrom (Very talkative and inventive)
Elak Lorekeeper (Fine Warrior)
Agar Gravelturner (stealthy scout)
Sarge Grum Goldbeard ((The person in charge of us) Other than the divine guidance of Dranak)

Well we were told to prepare, Gerard wanted to research so I helped him use the Temple library to see what he could find. He also felt we could make a device to place the Blessing of Dranak in a place if we would work on it here in the main temple, So I assisted him in Asking Dranak to bless this item to Hos call and after a short night of rest we ventured forth. I took up the rear Guard position so that if trouble came from behind I would be able to help defend the miners.
After some time traveling we came into some caverns Elak wandered to the south (I think) So I stayed where I could see him incase something happened and the rest of the group was moving through a more narrow area. I see Elak motion that he sees two creatures further to the south. So I start to move closer to him in case he needs help. No sooner did I move when I hear what sounds like bones rattling and Armor being beaten on from the front of the party, but as I consider attempting to make my way through the crush of miners I see two skeletons charging out at Elak with a third close behind.
Now I know I am not much of a fighter, but a fellow I am working with is being attacked so I move forth to his aid, getting there after the first swings from them on him with noisy clattering of their claws on his armor and shield. I swat one with my Flail the I was not sure if I could even hit something with.. And the one I hit falls apart in a pile of dust and bones.
Elak smashes the next one, and the Sarge comes running around the corner to smash the last of those. We regroup and move on toward where the miners say the deposits are they are to mine when Sarge calls me forward to check out the bodies of the miners that we were hunting for, as I draw near the dead rise up and attack Agar from all sides swarming him under in short order even though Sarge was doing his best to save him from going down, I know I can’t remember all the details of the action, I had started forth to aid Agar with flail and healing when there was a darkness that closed around us magicly the sounds made it sound that we had another front that was coming so I moved back toward where the miners were to make sure that they were not endangered that is when I saw the evil dwarf slinging his magics I moved to put myself between him and the miners even as there was magic going on back toward the larger group that we had encountered, I know I bashed some few heads of zombies and skeletons but I could not affect them as I would have liked, well the darkness moved as continued fighting went around a corner, I saw Agar crumpled on the floor, I moved to him and called forth the blessings of Dranak down through me into him after a few moments I was able to tell he was less hurt than when I started but he was still unconscious and had a wound, I laid my hands on him yet again and beseeched my Lord Dranak to heal him so we could continue on and vanquish the foul villain that had caused such a festering of undead. With that I poured forth energy again this time he woke and started to get up, I checked him over and he was fine Blessed be the Holy Lord Dranak.
About this time I hear all sounds of fighting stop and I hear the calls for me to come aid this time Sarge Grum, I found him with several scorch marks that had molten bits of armor in them, I cleaned out the molten metal quickly and put soothing mosses on the wounds as I started to call again on aid from on high from Lord Dranak, Feeling His power flow through me yet again I notice that most of the wounds on Sarge are gone but not yet all, so putting more salves and mosses on the others I lay my hands back on him and call from my Lord again His power flowing through me healing Sarge fully leaving me almost drained.
I follow along almost in a daze as a talking crossbow leads us to a desecrated Temple of Dranak, tear well up in my eyes as I see the mess, reflexively I start picking up and cleaning the sacred pieces. Sarge has us all start to do this and someone suggests it is time to try the device that Gerard and I made in the main temple, so after cleaning an area at the altar Gerard places his device and activates it and the Blessings of Dranak fill the Temple again!
I weep with joy that we were able to restore the Temple to it’s rightful nature.
somewhere in the doings I was handed a Tabard with the Holy Symbol of Lord Dranak on it and was told to put that on, I did and I felt more blessed of Dranak than I had ever felt before. after we rested a bit and the miners let us mine a bit telling us we could keep what we mined. I was more into reveling in the blessings of Dranak than digging but I was able to carve out enough WhiteSilver to get a couple of weapons done in ot so I could defend the faith better. After which we took the evil mage the bodies that we could, the ashes of the others back to head to Stahlheim to reported back in. At this point we happened to encounter Rorauk Fyrforg, Ranger Sergeant Major, Stahlheim Army Captain … that is another story…

Bandit clearing

On our way back to Stahlheim we came across Cptn Rorauk and a large contingent of Stahlheim troopers. I was informed that a large group of outlaws had taken over some caverns to the South. My platoon formed up to join the contingent and we proceeded to march upon the outlaws.

Upon arriving at the cavern I was given command of 1/2 of the Stahlheim troopers and Harrodius was given command of the mercenary Druid contingent of Dranak. The mercenaries proceeded forward first and killed several outlaws while only having 2 of their own dropped (those members were promptly healed). My command advanced at the walk with the first rank holding raised shields to protect the second rank of crossbowmen. We mowed down the advancing outlaws.

At this point Elak Lorekeeper intimidated a large portion of outlaws into surrendering. He undoubtedly waved many lives both friendly and bandit alike.

Agar scouted the southern tunnels and found the bandits treasure which he presented to me and I to Rorauk according full honors to Agar.

I took 12 men with me to secure the North East tunnels and ran into the last resistance. One intrepid bandit shot me with a cross bow bolt which I casually tossed aside and demanded their surrender. They wisely complied and we secured some 60+ prisoners to work in the mines.

Elak was awarded a promotion to Cpl. and a medal for his valor.

Elak's log
Bandit fortress

Elak’s log
Forest dance the 13th

When we left Dranak’s rest, we left with the gratitude of the miners and the blessings of Dranak. We piled up the carts with the dead and the white silver, and started back for Stahlheim We were an hour from our destination when we came across a contingent of the Stahlheim army led by our captain Rorauk Fyrforg, we quickly reported our success at the mines but he told us there was an even more pressing matter to attend to. He told us of a large group of well supplied bandits who’ve set up shop not far from where we were and that he was sent by the clan chief to take care of them. Rorauk told our group to fall into line and to back him up. Our priest was told to lead the contingent of Druids, while sarge was given half of the forces to personally command.

I followed the Druids as a group of bandits tried to rush our group, they were quickly dispatched. I saw the loss of life so I decided I must save those who I can. I quickly moved to a point where the bandit group could hear me and yelled “surrender and you will be shown mercy.” thankfully the group showed sound reason a surrendered. They came out with their hands up and laid their weapons at our feet. We quickly shackled them and rushed them safely behind our shield wall. Our commanders decided to block the rest of the bandits in by building a shield wall at the opening to the cave but our Technomage had another idea. He saw the bandits surrounding the cave entrance so he called on the ether to blast through the rock as he did at Dranak’s Rest. His powers impressed me in their sheer destructive power as the tore through rock, metal and flesh. I knew this would end badly for the bandits so I decided to put my life on the line to save theirs. I quickly ran through the fresh hole and shouted “surrender or what happened to your friends will surely happen to you.” They quickly dropped their weapons and proceeded out into the cavern to save their lives. We quickly shackled them and spread out through their fortress. We found a few tonne’s of supplies on the first floor and the sarge was nearly killed by another small pocket of resistance, he quickly settled it peaceably. Our forces regrouped around Rorauk and proceeded up into the second level where the shock troops lived and stayed. Led by a warrior of unknown veracity bedecked in magic gear. Rorauk saw him as the threat so he quickly used his silver tongue to turn the troops against their leader. Knowing himself beaten he rubbed a ring and disappeared. We gathered up our prisoners and headed back to Stahlheim.

For valor in combat I was awarded a battlefield promotion by Rorauk Fyrforg and when we returned the captain put in for a distinguished service metal.

Account of the Bandit Raid: 13th of Forest Dance
Gerard Runestrom Observations

Rest began to transform into myth itself for our duty was not yet concluded by a dwarven crossbolt. Jejuned probably expressed my thoughts on another mission immediately after an undead skirmish . Maybe the stack of white silver ore and a new promotion left me pretentious or baring the most truth was I did not enjoy the prospect of life and death so soon. Alas this esteemed scholar of the arcane and wright arts would be stricken through warfare again. Captain Fyrforg met our path with a contingent of warriors accompanying him. Dragging or eliminating some bandits appear to be the goal. By the entrance to the cavern where these outlaws lurked were druids known as Drannak’s Hand. I felt mercenaries were unnecessary for the amount of men and armaments we carried. Iron hard irony struck truth to my thoughts, witnessing a few of the sellaxes falling in battle but not too fatal from later accounts.

I did not feel obliged to muster too much on documentation the impending victory. Superior numbers and volleys of bolts shred through their masses. The rumbling energies of the aether crashed through earth, forging a new path. It was Elak Lorekeeper’s means for nonviolence that paused a true bloodbath. Forces surrendered to us group by group. Stepping on the carcasses of your gruesome comrades elevated the threat as a few even soiled themselves. Though I did not witness the work of art, I heard our scout found much during his exploration. Most astonishing was Captain Fyrforg charmed the bandits to betray their leader, however he vanished through what I deduce was a principle of teleportation via an item. Fortunately we recovered stolen goods and had another of manual labor. I need rest nnow.

Yet more ways to try to die.
Looking for Bandits in bunches.

Well as we were attempting to return to Stahlheim from Dranak’s Rest we met Rorauk Fyrforg, Ranger Sergeant Major, Stahlheim Army Captain and we were then assign to help in the flushing out of a major bandit camp.

Some were assigned to escort the prisoner we had gotten at Dranak’s Rest
back to Stahlheim

We encountered a horde of Men at arms that were there defending the stronghold that we went to, after a couple exchanges of crossbow bolts then some magic Corporal Elak Lorekeeper stepped forward and called for the defenders to surrender, and much to my surprise the defenders started to surrender. there was some few more encounters that had to be fought, but time after time Corporal Elak Lorekeeper continued to convince group after group to lay their arms down. When we found the main treasure room of the Bandit leader Rorauk Fyrforg, Ranger Sergeant Major, Stahlheim Army Captain convinced his men at arms to turn their weapons on the Bandit leader.. at which point he (the bandit leader) disappeared apparently magically.

Although there was a whole lot of other people present like [[:gerard-runestrom | Corporal Gerard Runestrom]], Corporal Elak Lorekeeper, Krugar highwall, Specialist Agar Gravelturner, Grum Goldbeard, Rorauk Fyrforg, Ranger Sergeant Major, Stahlheim Army Captain, his command staff, and several soldiers and members of Dranak’s Hand, I could not keep up with the actions of so many.. I guess I am not a very good recorder of battles.. I presume there are bards that would be able to do a better job of this.


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