Shaintar J&L Soldiers of Stahlheim

Account of LowTown Squabble :Harvest Moon 33rd
Gerard Runestrom Observations

A murky atmosphere festered the very city Stahlheim thanks to the creatures of the Abyss and its followers. A thorough investigation definitely became warranted, Elak Loremaster fastening the process through some of the seeder individuals lurking within Lowtown. A list of names and their crimes listed, spelling potential conflict towards stabilizing Echer’Naught. Thus the Sergeant…or should I say acting Lieutenant took advantage of the resources at our disposal. Granted prior to this information a few association members were killed by accident. Uncovering the organization of this group by a retired Olaran knight, called Graystone. A meeting would be beneficial for we needed more quivers to dispel the darker elements of the city.

Meeting them intoxicated made their comprehension of our intent difficult. A few sounds kept being uttered throughout the weeks. By the stone I did not expect darkness to have a role suddenly after the attacks from the flame. Sprung from the debris were the corpses of the fallen villagers. Swarming us by the number with a darked skinned necromancer later learned to be a vampire, it was lucky we succeeded. Oddly a few blows did nothing, yet our own kept it in bay. Citizens here fought off the creatures and loses were nonexistent….. I wished that was true as reports later sprang up regarding other accounts of undead in lowtown. Suppose it explains the placid couple of weeks.

Patroling Low Town

With the reconstruction commencing all we could do is keep our eyes and ears open on our patrols and wait for reports to trickle in. It is always wearing on people who are used to action to have to wait upon fate to bring in proper information.

We received word that smuggling was taking place through the broken walls to the North but repeated spy attempts turned up nothing. Finally we had a break and received word from some of our turned gang members that a certain ex-Olaran soldier called Graystone was having a gathering. We attended bringing gifts of stout Dwarven ale. Unfortunately those gathered were already a bit tipsy and didn’t understand our proposal. Liberal applications of the “succor” power brought them to consciousness just in time as a veritable army of undead sprang from the rubble led by a foul necromancer.

The fight was stiff but we prevailed with nary a casualty. These humans may prove to be doughty allies if negotiations go well.

Mission Log: Forest Dance the 13th.
Specialist Agar Gravelturner, Stahlheim Army Scout.

To Stahlheim Command

I regret this late mission report, on the matters of the bandit clearing, south of Stahlheim.
Duty after the events, prevented me from delivering my mission report.

But on the 13th day of Forest Dance, after returning from the skirmish with undead forces in the White Silver mines, which mission report of 12th Forest Dance, describes in detail. We met our illustrious Captain Rorauk Fyrforg, leading a detachment of troopers and mercenary druids of Dranak’s Hand. Who were tasked with clearing bandits to the South of Stahlheim. He ordered us to form up.

Having seen the group im attached to in action, and spotting no scouts in his detachment, I could only agree on the Captains decision to reinforce his forces, with the magical support, added leadership and special operations capabilities we would provide.

At the bandit camp site, our superior forces tactics and magics quickly made short work of the bandits guards. Which did have detrimental effects on the rest of the bandits morale, making it possible for Elak Lorekeeper to make many of the enemy bandits surrender. Which saved many bandit lives, and possible our soldiers lives too.

This also rightly deserved gave Elak Lorekeeper a battlefield promotion and a medal.

As our forces moved north and subdued the bandits, I scouted out the southern parts of the caves and structures the bandits had occupied. Which was empty, they had not even secured the place with alarms or traps. I also located the bandit leaders office and bedroom. where I found some very fine boots, that seemed to emanate strange powers. I picked them up and turned them over to Sergeant Grum Goldbeard. Who again turned them over to the Captain.
I believe the Sergeant was rewarded with the boots, that apparently have magical properties. Enhancing his allready impressive array of abilities and skill.

The whole incursion took less than two hours, including managing the prisoners for transport back to Stahlheim. Hopefully they will appreciate there lives, as they get to toil in our mines for there transgressions.

Unfortunately the Bandit leader got away, apparently he had magical means to escape.
He must have powerful connections, as the boots I mentioned earlier wasn’t the only things of magical nature, in the Bandits arsenal.

I personally was awarded some magical Dice, A set of Lucky blue dice, that apparently make me luckier and well faster in my desicion making.
And a powerful silver ring, that turns me invinsible, im not going to lie, is awesome for my line of work.

This was a textbook incursion, where every dwarf, fullfilled his role perfectly with great presicion and discipline. And everyone present should receive due praise for upholding dwarven martial tradition and simply just being awesome.

Account of Investigation
Gerard Runestrom Observations

Exerting ourselves after the episode with the horde of undead, preparations needed to be made for the aftermath. A Shaya’Nor vampire of venerable age led the brutal attack on Echer’Naught’s low town with luckily only minimal losses. This initiated an investigation I was reluctant, though its was my duty nonetheless to assist in this endeavor with Corporal Lorekeeper. My efforts were involving the criminal underworlds and his on the vampire. To my disturbance Mattias Yeager and his entourage disappeared prior to the attack. Sodding corrupted Olaran was in league with that racist Adolf Stockhausen and Reiner Wassmuth another person connected to the black market. Probably did not help this racist was dealing with Camon. By conclusion through their territory we found something ominous. Needless to say people almost died from it and a translator is warranted. Bad news was realizing Shaya’Nor agents lurked from Elak’s report and by the trap implanted blinded him. All in a few days work……

Low Town patrol
We became body collectors....

We were assigned to patrol in low town by Acting Lt. Grum Goldbeard while there we had approached a large camp of folks that could have been causing trouble that were partying, we approached the leader of the camp and shared some fine Dwarven brew with him and his men, mostly to try gaining their support in the efforts to remodel low town into a fine area to live. While we were there moaning started to come from the rubble around us, then rubble started to move, becoming a moving mass, on closer look it was obvious that the moving part were actually the corpses of the fallen coming out of the rubble, raised to cause Esher’Naught more problems in the rebuilt process. We aided the leader of the large group into rallying his followers to defend their encampment.
A large fight took place, (I now know why Leonidas my War Lizard had been skittish around the rubble in the past days of patrol), I stepped forward with the blessings of Dranak on me making a buffer zone at the north edge of the camp, with the blessings I had received the undead could not close with me, but a foul person of necromantic sway met me and attempted to slay me for getting in his zombies or at least the zombies he was trying to guide. I was knocked around a good bit before the allies that were with me that night finally took the creature down. The encampment with the women crossbow wielders had fairly well handled the majority of the zombies attacking the encampment with the men keeping the zombies from getting to the women, very organized.
Through the night we worked hunting leads as to who had caused this, how was smuggling weapons into the city, and for the most part I was trying to help clean up the bodies of all that had fallen, weeks ago or this night, a grisly task I assure you, I was attempting to give each fallen the respect that the person that it had been would have liked, in that effort I encountered a Druid of Legendary status by the name of Erolith Eridor. He and I had spoke and exchanged pleasantries before I continued on with the work of helping with the bodies.
later I was summoned to the command tent of Rorauk Fyrforg, Ranger Sergeant Major, Stahlheim Army Captain finding that there had been a foul desk that had been found through the investigations of the others that had had magical wards on it of Necromantic nature and the wards had went off when Corporal Elak Lorekeeper opened a drawer in it, knocking him out and injuring Corporal Gerard Runestrom and Rorauk Fyrforg, Ranger Sergeant Major, Stahlheim Army Captain to a degree, after all were healed Corporal Elak Lorekeeper was unable to see, I thought about whom I knew could likely help him in this and thought of Erolith Eridor, so I ventured to his grove and implored him to attempt to aid my comrade Corporal Elak Lorekeeper, after some talking he agreed to attempt to help him, packing up his kit with its salves and herbs I didn’t recognize he went with me to Elak’s side, after working on him for a goodly time he told Elak his sight would return, but left the bandages with the herbs in place saying it would take some time for him to regain full use.

I hope one day to be able to spread the blessings of Dranak to the extent that I can heal serious injuries like that too.

Account of Nightguard Bounty
Gerard Runestrom Observations

Delved ironically into the void itself, infiltrating a pernicious ordeal where alledgely was a placeholder of contention towards criminal affairs lurking within Echer’naught. It was no wonder this city held by mostly warrior traditions needed relief from the intellectual side making up of Olarans. Dwarves had the canny demeanor and ingenious stratagem. Equipped with dossiers of the nightguards, proper numbers, and equipment we stormed in like the vengeance of a rock golem reshaping the earth of Dranak.

Innovational in an overly aggressive approach, Lieutant Grum tempararily averted her gaze from all others. I fortunately relish this opening, pragamatically neutralizing the threat with a combination of concussive force I writing this now still ponder how in the spur of the moment and a well placed hammer to the spinal column. The authoritative war academy graduate subdued the majority from running afoot and troops surrounded the bar itself.

All else I know was Specialist Agar Gravelturner discovered in the den of scoundrels that a Shayakar Nightguard leading this little operation was located. Ruffling in the spoils I heard he single handily eliminated the master without being seen, killing half their numbers, and framing them in the chaos. Despite small contact with him, its impressive how ruthless and efficient this Dwarf knife assassin can do by himself. Perhaps our company hinders him. Harrdous found something hidden and through his horrendous jowls hid it from the world. We made off like kings and they suffered none the wiser.

Typical night in Echer Naught.......
Not really....

They say it’s always darkest before the dawn. I truly hope so, for it is very dark. Our numbers were riven by a terrible response from Agar’s killing of a Night Master (a truly laudeble act!) I apprehended the culprit personally, but at great cost as about 1/4 of our troops perished from his poisoned blade during the night.

We shall begin pursuing these bastards with great prejudice. I feel that my reason is being beset by vengeful thoughts. I have doubts as to my ability to command, though I know I am performing as well or better than can be expected.

I long for the mountain tunnels where things are simpler. These human issues bother me to no end. Still, it is my duty as a soldier to carry on, and in truth I know of noone who could do a better job. We will flay the skin from night guard flesh if that is what it takes to cleanse this city and avenge our fallen comrades.

Account of Nightly Avenging
Gerard Runestrom Observations

Whimsical thoughts consumed the brief period of troubling times in Echernaught, enthralled by the harvest of our scout’s adventure with those noxious weapons inflicting terror on the unexpected. Each were allotted the gear and contingency plans were executed to assure those we robbed back could not retaliate. By the stone were we wrong, witnessing a ghastly sight as our encampment got trimmed down to say in lighter words. One Shaya’kar veiled through the mythical powers to block out his foul magic captured his form.

Lieutenant Goldbeard was vigilant in the unrelenting pursuit for the assassin, eventually capturing him with a savage swing of the axe; cleaving through bone and skin as the leg was severed and him barely breathing. Our numbers were severed like his limb, worse our hierarchy was damaged harshly. Through interrogations between myself, Grum, and Elak we received an ominous hint of ignorance as somehow he got word of his death by magical means and wasn’t associated with the others hidden in the city. Harrdious saved countless others with his healing. Executing him the following day, the trap worked as I recognized a few in the crowd and the other captive was given to the rangers. With three known to be the area, we now prepare to take out one connected with the smithy in the town. In other news these new items help attempt a new experiment. Lets say we will have a true bodyguard soon.

Meeting The Most Important Person
To Me At Least

The final hit is coming, I feel the ache in my body as I know I am letting my friends down as I fall under a blade from prelacy goons, I pray to Dranak that he has mercy.

I open my eyes to see Dranak in person, after a wonderful visit with him I Find myself in my bunk after which I go to the druid grove to express my dedication to Dranak after which Grum Goldbeard, Corporal Gerard Runestrom had got me to go with them, we spend some time wandering around.

After that I was tracked down by Corporal Elak Lorekeeper & Agar Gravelturner so we could go inventory The place, While there we started trying stuff on that caught our interest, it is amazing how curiosity can make a person hurt or be in trouble. I found some wonderful boots that when I put them on the smashed my feet as they shrunk on them. It hurt so bad. Then we had trouble from a sword that wanted innocent blood shed and a ring that wanted all dwarves to die, a ring that convinced Agar that Elak and I was trying to kill him and take his stuff, after a battle that seemed to take forever I was able to separate Agar and Elak so they could not hurt each other, moving the stone around them to contain them, I then went for help to get Erolith Eridor So that he could disenchant the items that was making life hard for us. after the bad effects of the items that had caused such a strife between us he also healed Elak and Agar of the woulds that incurred while they fought each other.

After I got the stone from them Agar asked me something about when the corrupted room was going to be cleansed. Elak asked what room, from there he was wanting to check it out like a lore warden would even after I told him that Rorauk Fyrforg, Ranger Sergeant Major, Stahlheim Army Captain had said we were to leave that room alone until someone with enough power had come to cleanse it.
About then the Eridor unsealed the door to the room and sat down in front of the room I realize now to start the process to cleanse the room.
Well even though I was protesting them going in to the room Elak and Agar proceeded into the room, I fear I had to little faith to follow them into the room and attempt to drag them out. After what seemed to be a hour or two the came out, Elak dragging Agar that is.. While I was moving to try to aid Agar Elak was pulling his armor off since it makes spells harder to work on him and Elak knew this. I got there and realize if Agar went any further down he would change to a dwerg, I was strained to the core of my being to save his live, he was a valued friend and unit member, and I would rather die in his place than for him to be lost like that. after many moments, Elak brought scrolls from the table that I began almost haphazardly chanting the scrolls brought to me, being lead by the Faith in Dranak that he would guide my word and actions in those frantic minutes dumping potions that I had carried in case of massive injuries draining my store of potions and the very essence of my being, finally Something brought him to consciousness returning the normal skin tones back to him, at that I realized that the battle to save him was done. I then started to scream at Agar and Elak that they should not have went into the room before the area was taken care of and started banging Agar back and forth of the wall trying to knock some sense into him and to keep my hands from choking him from me being so stressed at them and the fact that I almost had to end Agar, I humbly request that the actions of Agar and Elak in the room not bring any reprimand onto me.

After a time the Eridor chanted and cast the spell he had been building the power up for, turning the whole area in the cave into an exalted sanctified area. I then passed out from the stress and the amount of power that Dranak had channeled through me that day.

Second Nightguard & Tweaking Hitler

I tasked our group to capture the second nightguard unsupported as our ranks of dwarves is sorely diminished. We went to the smith area and I met a very old legendary smith who crafted wonderful weapons and armor. Eventually we noticed a “human” smith who seemed a bit off. Taking a chance I smacked him upside the head and he revealed himself as the nightguard we were seeking.

As we returned with the captured nightguard we were beset by 2 factions and barely managed to hold our own. Unfortunately the nightguard was killed despite our best efforts.

As Adolf had a hand in hindering us at our task I deemed it wise to put him on notice that we were not amused. We set forth to find some of Adolf’s men. We succeeded and I “accidentally” bumped into the human in charge. I kept my hands conspicuously open and empty and quietly goaded the man into attacking me so that the witnesses would see that i had no weapon in hand. Our group then proceeded to kill all but the last man who I sent scurrying back to Adolf to report with wet pantaloons. I forsee trouble from that 1/4 in the future…..


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