Granyt Fyrforg, Captain

Dwarf Captain of Greyson's Grey Rangers in Crag


Granyt is 4’-0”, 220# with flowing coppery hair and beard with red streaks, piercing hazel eyes with gold flecks, dark complexioned from long time out in the sun, wears Dwarven Plate with full helm and carries a large shield Or with gules crossed axes above Sable anvil. (Gold with a black anvil and red crossed axes above it), and wields a Dwarven axe. When not wielded his axe is strapped to his chest in a quick release harness.


Born 7 Raining Leaves 3057

Fifth son of Oracyon Fyrforg, Married to Jade Rallidon Fyrforg, Commander of the Greyson’s Grey Rangers in Stahlheim, Children Rallidon 10 Golden Eagle 3099, Harald 33 Thunder Hawk 3101, Twin girls Sigga & Gretta 22 Planting Moons 3107, Maybel 16 Harvest Moons 3111, Osbert 14 Forest Dance 3117

Granyt Fyrforg, Captain

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