Emmerich Ironreich

Dwarf Guard Captain of Hallardrin


Emmerich Ironreich is recognized through his remarkable stature standing approximately at 4’8 and 390lbs, a true testament to his founding father Endrin. Flowing auburn curly hair going with his thick, auburn handlebar mustache, which hides his mouth and lion’s mane like beard make him stand out in a crowd.Equally profound is the muscular exterior of the dwarf, wielding two Ironreich shields that although hinder his mobility, make him a shield fortress. and battling ram. Equipped with his Dwarven Armor, Helmet, and other essentials; he is a foe to be reckon with.


Born 12 Dancing Clouds 3050

Grandnephew of Egon Ironreich, Brother of Armin Ironreich, Father to Brogan Ironreich

Emmerich Ironreich

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