Corporal Elak Lorekeeper

Lore Warden, Corporal


Rank/XP: Veteran/70 XP.
Race: Dwarf
Agility: D8
Smarts: D8
Spirit: D4
Strength: D8
Vigor: D10
Pace: 7 (Run d10)
Parry: 9 (3) – 4 to be hit effective parry 13 (3) TN for range: 8
Toughness: 19 (12) Against Magic: 25
Charisma: 0
275 coppers
Skills: Fighting d8+5 , Investigation d8 , Notice d8, Repair d8, Knowledge; History d8, Knowledge; Hydrodynamics d4, Swimming d4, Persuasion d4, Intimidation d4, Taunt d4, Streetwise d6, Riding d4 (day in the life).

Defining Interests:
Geography of Stahlheim +2
Dwarfish Lore
Builder Tech
Builder Culture
Builder Language

Dwarven, Galean, Fey, Builder.

Keeper of the Old Ways, Lore Warden, Heart of Stone

Folk-hero +1 Charisma: Dranak’s Rest
Renown +1 Charisma Stahlhiem
Distinguished Service Medal (Dranik’s Medal of Quiet Earth) +1 Charisma for those who respect the military.

Cannot swim, Slow , Stoic , Obligation To Stahlheim Army(M), Obligation to the Lorewardens (M), Curious (M), Code of Honor (M), Loyal (m), Pacifist (m).

Imp. Soul bonded Enchanted Black Dwarven Plate Armor: 10 Armor, Full Helm -7 coverage -2 notice (sight based), White Silvered Spikes (Str+d6, Forearm’s, pauldrons, Helm and Boots)
Headsman’s Axe Str + D8 AP1 ( 5 Damage +5 fighting +4 to head shots Perm Smite w/raise +5 Smite Damage, Vampire’s Bane: +4 to hit and damage against Vampires, reach +1, if used 2-handed +1 damage)
White Silver Flail: Str
d6 ignores Shield and cover bonus
White Silver Tower Shield: +3 Parry, -2 to be hit at range
Cloak of Greater Shadow’s (-4 to be hit)
Lore Warden Insignia
Ring of Water Walking
Enchanted Axe Ring (Quick draw)
Ring: Healing (15 ess)
Ring: Fire Protection
Pendent of Ambidextarity, Strong Willed and Danger Sense
Ring of Endurance (Ignore 2 Wounds)
Ring: Arcane Resistance
Belt with White silver thread
Boots of Fleet Footed
Gold Beardrings with Rune’s of comradeship and brotherhood.

Ring of Time Control
228 lbs. refined White-Silver
2x lozenges of the linguist
3x mint of refreshment
Sanctified White Silver and Ever-wood Book case (Can hold 100 books)
White Silver and Ever-wood Map Case (Map of Craig, stone, stahlheim, roadways in and around stone-heart mountains, Echer’Naught)
Magic stone with the ancient dwarven rune for Knowledge is power and Keeper of lore. (Tattoo)
Potion of Full effect g/ healing w/ raise

Special Abilities:
Low Light Vision, Intestinal Fortitude (Use Vigor for Spirit vs. Fear/Intimidate)

B. Keeper of the Old Ways
B. Lore Warden
5. Heart of Stone
10. Training: Persuasion d4, Intimidation d4, Taunt d4, Streetwise d4.
15. Fighting d8, Streetwise d6
20. Vig d10
S. Nerve’s of Steel
30. Borne to the Forge
35. Knowledge is Power
40. Stout
45. Soul Bound Armor (+2 Armor)
V. Mighty Constitution
55. Improved Soul Bound Armor (Half-Weight, Quickness)
60. Paladin of Dranik
65. Hard to Kill
70. Harder to kill than Rasputin

Lore Warden
Requirements: Novice, Dwarf, Keeper of the Old
Ways, Smarts d8+, Fighting d6+, Investigation d6+,
Knowledge (History) d8+, one other Knowledge Skill at
d4+, Notice d6+
While many believe the fae to be the masters of
knowledge in Shaintar, the wisest know that it is the
dwarves who have kept vast stores of history and
lore safe through the great cataclysms and tragedies
that have befallen the land over the many centuries.
The Lore Wardens are among the most respected and
cherished individuals of the dwarven race, for not
only do they keep and protect the past, they are also
tasked with going out into the world to discover new
and lost knowledge. A Lore Warden is trained to find
— and fight for, if necessary — both new and lost
knowledge, ultimately to return it to the vaults of
their people for recording and safe keeping. This is
considered Obligations (Major –Lore Wardens.) Thanks
to decades of training and education, they gain +1 on
all Knowledge checks, including Common Knowledge.
They gain +3 on all “Old Ways” rolls (instead of just
+2). They gain +2 to their Investigation checks, and
+2 to Notice if the roll is related to finding something
lore-related. Finally, Lore Wardens can expect great
hospitality and accommodation from any dwarf w ho
knows their station, and most Olarans as well.

Born to the Forge
Requirements: Dwarf, Novice (Note this should be
taken as a Background Edge)
Some dwarves are born of bloodlines that truly link
them to the strength of the mountain and its chosen
people. Improving on the aspects of the Dwarven
core racial ability, Intestinal Fortitude, a dwarf with
this Edge may substitute their Vigor for Spirit in all
ways. Normally Spirit-linked Skills are now Vigorlinked
for this character, and in any situation where
a Spirit roll is called for, the dwarf may instead use
his Vigor.
Note that Edges or other factors that normally
grant bonuses to Vigor checks do not apply when
Vigor is being used for Spirit (but those factors that
enhance Spirit rolls do apply).

Knowledge is Power
Requirements: Dwarf, Seasoned, Lore Warden
True keepers of lore understand the power of
something’s True Name, or of knowing its past and its
essential self. They can sometimes bring to bear such
absolute knowledge to combat a powerful enemy or
overcome an overwhelming challenge.
A dwarf with this Edge may, once per session, take
a full round to roll a Knowledge (History) check at -2.
With a success, they gain a + 2 on all rolls and damage
against the specific target or challenge focus; with a
raise, the bonus increases to + 4. So long as they can
communicate, allies will gain half the bonus (+1, or +2 with a raise).

Map Making Set: A starter set of 10 pages of mapping parchment, with a grid line system already thoughtfully drawn in; a set offive colored charcoal markers; a pair ofscales, for measuring distances; a quill pen with three nibs; a miniature bottle of ink; a thin steel rule, to help measure and draw straight lines, which also has some commonly used mapping stencils,such as the North arrow, stairs, and swinging doors; and finally, the Handbook of Mapping for Better Mapping Etiquette. This guide shows the fledgling mapmaker how to read and draw accurate, quality maps, using widely accepted symbols and terminology


Corporal Elak Lorekeeper

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