Egon Ironreich

Dwarf Commander of the Clanchief's Security


Egon is a mountainous dwarf, standing at 4’6", 268 lbs with thin gray hair and a braided beard to match.Facially he has bold amber hues and a pale complexion from his rigorous employ. Donned with Dwarven Plate with a Crysarium Focus Crystal embedded on the forehead, and the notorious Ironreich Warshield proudly displaying his family crest.


Serving as the longest reigning guard of Oracyon Fyrforg, also one of the few Ironreich with innate magical talent which has served well for his duties by being a practitioner of The Way. Granduncle to Brogan Ironreich, Uncle to Emmerich Ironreich and Armin Ironreich.

Egon Ironreich

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