Shaintar J&L Soldiers of Stahlheim

The case of the Spectral Lords

The loss of the Furious Five

Under orders from Rorauk Fyrforg, Ranger Lieutenant, Stahlheim Army Captan; Legios Hero and Grum Goldbeard to patrol the northern reaches and find a group of Dwarves that had disappeared. Harrodious Highwall (Double H), Hanna Skye, Shayline’s Ward, myself and the Fabulous Five tracked a group of Undead over the plains to near the haunch’s of the Fallen Wood. Led by a caster of extraordinary power, a contingent of the unit broke off their march to attack our small group. Not expecting our group to trouble those it sent after us the caster continued his march under a darkened cloud. Faced with a group that outnumbered us five to one led by Spectral Lords our group was able to quell their corrupted forms but not without the loss of the Fabulous Five.


Mark_Herwig Throning_Karma

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