Shaintar J&L Soldiers of Stahlheim

Sunk Again

The Ground is my friend.

While out on patrol investigating what had happened to our troops to the north of the White Silver Wolves camp we found that there was something that took out our troops and turned them to Zombies. Since we needed to get the word back to Rorauk about the action Grum Goldbeard along with a group went back to camp to report.Leaving Corporal Elak Lorekeeper,Hanna Skye, Shayline’s Ward,Fabulous Five, and I (Harrodious Highwall (Double H)) to scout to see if we could find the Necromancer that was doing this.
After a fair bit of travel we got close to a large group of undead, I stonewalked to get more details so we could have a better report to turn in and we planned on trying to follow them to see where they went.
It wasn’t long before the Master Vampire sent some of his units back to knock us off it’s trail.
We had 3 Spectral Lords come out of the obscure toward us, Hanna was able to knock one of them down with a well placed arrow, then the other 5 Spectral lords started our way, I was able to take out one of those with the aid of Dranak’s blessings, Hanna was lined up to pick off the targets as they showed, but taking after me the Spectral lords came underground at us, Elak and the Five rallied forth and headed to head off the zombies that came out of the obscuring darkness Hanna continued to pick them off as she could, I was able to remove some more of the spectral lords before they closed on the five and Elak.
Elak fell and I went forth to his aid, restoring him to health and then I was swarmed under by the spectral lords that remained.

From the signs I found after I woke the battle had went downhill from there, the five falling and Elak had been knocked down again, Hanna finishing off the spectral lords with help from the five and Elak. and the Zombie horde, close to 40 had been struck down by magic. I found the signs of the Master Vampire and the Great Skeleton guard group he had with him coming back and the five had shambled off with them, and other tracks with my War Lizard and two horses had left the battle moving south back toward the camp.
I pondered following the Vampire to see where they went, but I was not in shape to tangle with anymore trouble, Dranak had obviously spared me from death yet again to serve him more fully. so I followed the tracks of the Horses, after walking through the night I finally came to the place where Hanna and Elak had camped and was able to join them to ride the rest of the way back to the camp to give our report to Rorauk.
I felt bad that we lost those five lads, I only hope that Dranak can receive them to himself.
Hanna said I should have returned to the surface before I fell so she might have been able to aid me.
I find the earth to be my best resting place, when Dranak calls me home there is where I will start that journey.


Mark_Herwig KeithBailey

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