Shaintar J&L Soldiers of Stahlheim

So Many Things.

I conduct way too many secret missions.

Well so much have happened since the last report. Mixing Stahlheim business with secret Stahlheim stuff together in my head. And forgetting some of it too, since so much have happened.

So in short order:
Discovered a big smugglers cave outside Echer’naught, during a solo patrol. Reported location and possibilities to Acting Lt Grum Goldbeard. But business in the city, with criminal elements and Shayakar nightguards pulled me away from further exploring the cave.

Came back a few days later, where I was able to enter the cave proper. It was filled with all kinds of magical and non-magical supplies and huge amount of money.
Also 40 or so mostly human smugglers, and one Shayakar Nightguard of high rank. Reporting to the Lt, through our telepathic communication device, he took the squad and moved towards the cave, to explore and seize the contents of the cave for Echer’naught and the Stahlheim Army.
I was capable with my superior stealth abilities, and my crossbow, assasinate the Nightguard without being detected or raising the alarm. And further remove most of the smugglers. Making the lieutenant’s job easier.
There was also a room deeper in the complex, that apparently was cursed or some such magic. Which was sealed and hidden by our stonesingers.
Rewards was given and claimed. And more wealth I have ever seen was awarded to me, I have no idea what to do with it.

Returned to Echer’naught, consequences of our actions was revealed. A Nightguard had been able to assasinate a huge number of our troops. Again the lieutenant showed great oversight and willpower, locating and hunting down the swift elf. Me shortly after, a kick to its ribs almost killed the creature. Which did not please the Lieutenant.
Questioning and interogation did not reveal much, but founding out that I had killed its master, made it very angry.
The day after it was executed by the lieutenant on the town square.

Days after or was it the same day I can’t quite remember, we had a run in with some Criminal Prelacy goons in town. There weapons of builder make, exploding left and right, none of them making much threat to our squad. Civilians in the area somewhat impressed by our abilities.

On later days I accompanied Corporal Elak Lorekeeper and Harrodious Highwall (Double H) to further inventory the smugglers cave.
Some of the items were apparently cursed, as we all started to act weirdly. Fortunately we did not kill each other. And HH had some contact to a dude that could rid all the cursed objects of there curses. And the evil room was cleansed too.
Im told the room almost killed me and HH almost killed me after that ordeal. Seems it was his first time, he had been pressed beyond what he thought he could perform.

Not really sure how the situation stand now. But hopefully my donations to the city, orphanages and those doing something extra for rebuilding Echer’Naught will bear fruit.


Mark_Herwig Anilar

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