Shaintar J&L Soldiers of Stahlheim

Sgt. Grum's mission report 9/26/15

Trouble in the White Silver mines

Salutations Captain Fyrforg and thank you for my promotion to field command.

Your first assignment has been carried out. The miners our group were to escort have been delivered to the mines. My report on the events is as follows:

1) This portion of the mines was over run by undead skeletons and the risen zombies of the previous miners.

2) The undead were controlled by a dwarvish necromancer of considerable tactical presence and power.

3) My platoon performed admirably in the face of danger, I recommend commendations for all and I have selected Gerard Runestrom as my new Corporal.

4) The ashes and/or bodies of our fallen comrades have been recovered for internment, the necromancer has been captured, and a despoiled temple of Dranak has been re-sanctified by our platoon priest Harrodius Highwall with the assistance of Gerard Runestrom.

5) Specialist Agar Gravelturner and our lore warden Elak Lorekeeper were instrumental in preventing an attack from the rear and thwarting an ambush that may have spelled our defeat.

I look forward to your de-briefing and, as always, am at your service.

Grum Goldbeard
Sgt. Stahlheim Army


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