Shaintar J&L Soldiers of Stahlheim

Second Nightguard & Tweaking Hitler

I tasked our group to capture the second nightguard unsupported as our ranks of dwarves is sorely diminished. We went to the smith area and I met a very old legendary smith who crafted wonderful weapons and armor. Eventually we noticed a “human” smith who seemed a bit off. Taking a chance I smacked him upside the head and he revealed himself as the nightguard we were seeking.

As we returned with the captured nightguard we were beset by 2 factions and barely managed to hold our own. Unfortunately the nightguard was killed despite our best efforts.

As Adolf had a hand in hindering us at our task I deemed it wise to put him on notice that we were not amused. We set forth to find some of Adolf’s men. We succeeded and I “accidentally” bumped into the human in charge. I kept my hands conspicuously open and empty and quietly goaded the man into attacking me so that the witnesses would see that i had no weapon in hand. Our group then proceeded to kill all but the last man who I sent scurrying back to Adolf to report with wet pantaloons. I forsee trouble from that 1/4 in the future…..


Mark_Herwig faradhii

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