Shaintar J&L Soldiers of Stahlheim

Potential black eye averted?

My company back tracked the captured wagons to a cave that was guarded by warriors in plain chain mail (well kept). I approached the area and asked for papers which they presented and all appeared to be in order though we felt sure they were smugglers. We poked around for a bit and found over 200 soldiers guarding the cave. Deciding to call it a day we reported our findings back to Rorauk and advised an eye be kept on the area. The next day a bartender form a tap room I had visited the night before brought accusations against me that had me masterminding a bandit assault on the cave. Of course I denied the untrue allegations. A trial was set which I was prepared to attend and plead my case was set for the next day. That night I spent the evening with Arya and then turned in with my usual complement of guards. The next day dawned to the aforementioned bartender being dead with a note left from the Crime Lord Adolf stating that he would not see me brought low by some random framing and that he would meet me on (insert date here) at (insert place here). Though confused as to what was going on I am overjoyed to meet that scum in open battle and I will call upon all of my resources to defeat this racist scum.

The following is NOT in the official report.

1) HH spoke with his contact in the order of the closed eye and had them go to the cave to watch/intervene on the potential smugglers.

2) I did tip off my bandit leader contact to take out the smugglers cave.

3) the smugglers cave was leased out to a merchant group from Olara by the Fae Nation (probably un beknownst to them).

4) any involvement on our parts could be conceived as an act of war which must be avoided at all cost.

5) both of our contacts were killed in a fight between the order of the closed eye and the bandit king effectively hurting, possibly destroying both groups.


Mark_Herwig faradhii

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