Shaintar J&L Soldiers of Stahlheim

Mission Log: Forest Dance the 12th.

Specialist Agar Gravelturner, Stahlheim Army Scout.

To Stahlheim Command.
Possible to the Church of Dranak.

-Venture into a newly opened White Silver Mine. Discover the where abouts of a previous detachment of miners, that had not returned as planned or sent word of any predicament.

-Escort and protect a group of 8 miners, who will mine white silver, possible help in a rescure mission in case of a cave in or similar.

-Return with news of the previous detachment of miners and possible there bodies in case of there demise.

I was assigned to a squad under Sergeant Grum Goldbeard, a squad of stout warriors, all of above average intelligence and usefulness. As most of them, have additional fields of expertise beyond what most dwarven warriors finds useful. In this case Wrights, sorcery and thankfully a Priest of Dranak too.
The journey to the mine was rather uneventful. Close to the mine proper, I discovered the first group of what happened to be the source of our mission. Skeletons, four of them. With a classic hammer on hammer maneuver, we crushed them in short order, they did not pose much of a threat.

Travelling deeper, we found the bodies of the dead miners. Lying scattered in the mines.
It was a sad sight, and I found myself moving deeper into the mine, examining all the bodies for any lifesigns.

What we found was that they were not truly dead, they had been animated into abominations, heard some of the others in the squad call them Zombies. Them standing and slashing, as we almost had dispatched them, we were assaulted by a large detachment of skeletons. And I found myself surrounded rather quickly. But I managed to hold off the skeletons long enough, for the squad to maneuver in, where there hammers and spells could do the most damage, before I was overcome.

Thankfully Harrodious Highwall Priest of Dranak was assigned to the squad as well, as he was able to get me back on my feet after the fight. I was waking up to a cave floor covered in splintered bone.
The culprit appeared to be a dwarven necromancer, who had also desecrated a nearby temple of Dranak.
Which Harrodious Highwall with assistance from Gerard Runestrom was able to sanctify, clearing out the filth that once was.

The escorted miners quickly took to mining, even after these awful events.

PS: Suggestion to command and church of Dranak, reestablish a presence in this old temple of Dranak, there was fresh water and good room for Priests, warriors and miners. With good options for expanding if needed.


Mark_Herwig Anilar

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