Shaintar J&L Soldiers of Stahlheim

Meeting The Most Important Person

To Me At Least

The final hit is coming, I feel the ache in my body as I know I am letting my friends down as I fall under a blade from prelacy goons, I pray to Dranak that he has mercy.

I open my eyes to see Dranak in person, after a wonderful visit with him I Find myself in my bunk after which I go to the druid grove to express my dedication to Dranak after which Grum Goldbeard, Corporal Gerard Runestrom had got me to go with them, we spend some time wandering around.

After that I was tracked down by Corporal Elak Lorekeeper & Agar Gravelturner so we could go inventory The place, While there we started trying stuff on that caught our interest, it is amazing how curiosity can make a person hurt or be in trouble. I found some wonderful boots that when I put them on the smashed my feet as they shrunk on them. It hurt so bad. Then we had trouble from a sword that wanted innocent blood shed and a ring that wanted all dwarves to die, a ring that convinced Agar that Elak and I was trying to kill him and take his stuff, after a battle that seemed to take forever I was able to separate Agar and Elak so they could not hurt each other, moving the stone around them to contain them, I then went for help to get Erolith Eridor So that he could disenchant the items that was making life hard for us. after the bad effects of the items that had caused such a strife between us he also healed Elak and Agar of the woulds that incurred while they fought each other.

After I got the stone from them Agar asked me something about when the corrupted room was going to be cleansed. Elak asked what room, from there he was wanting to check it out like a lore warden would even after I told him that Rorauk Fyrforg, Ranger Sergeant Major, Stahlheim Army Captain had said we were to leave that room alone until someone with enough power had come to cleanse it.
About then the Eridor unsealed the door to the room and sat down in front of the room I realize now to start the process to cleanse the room.
Well even though I was protesting them going in to the room Elak and Agar proceeded into the room, I fear I had to little faith to follow them into the room and attempt to drag them out. After what seemed to be a hour or two the came out, Elak dragging Agar that is.. While I was moving to try to aid Agar Elak was pulling his armor off since it makes spells harder to work on him and Elak knew this. I got there and realize if Agar went any further down he would change to a dwerg, I was strained to the core of my being to save his live, he was a valued friend and unit member, and I would rather die in his place than for him to be lost like that. after many moments, Elak brought scrolls from the table that I began almost haphazardly chanting the scrolls brought to me, being lead by the Faith in Dranak that he would guide my word and actions in those frantic minutes dumping potions that I had carried in case of massive injuries draining my store of potions and the very essence of my being, finally Something brought him to consciousness returning the normal skin tones back to him, at that I realized that the battle to save him was done. I then started to scream at Agar and Elak that they should not have went into the room before the area was taken care of and started banging Agar back and forth of the wall trying to knock some sense into him and to keep my hands from choking him from me being so stressed at them and the fact that I almost had to end Agar, I humbly request that the actions of Agar and Elak in the room not bring any reprimand onto me.

After a time the Eridor chanted and cast the spell he had been building the power up for, turning the whole area in the cave into an exalted sanctified area. I then passed out from the stress and the amount of power that Dranak had channeled through me that day.


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