Shaintar J&L Soldiers of Stahlheim

Meeting the Col. and following orders

Trip to StoneFinger

It was interesting and inspiring to meet Col. Wolfhaven again,he seemed well pleased with the progress on the camp so far, and went over his plans with the higher ups, got a show of the Goblin’s tactics and started getting patrols sent out, we were sent to Stonefinger to try to get a supply base and a possible point to retreat to should the need arise. that went well with the help from Arya Goldbeard andsupport from the rest of us that had went on this mission. The Clanchief was very impressed with the case she made.
I mainly went to the Temple and aided them in the minor ways that I had available, and let them know if we had to retreat there would likely be lots of wounded to be taken care of when we arrived.
The druids there understood and assured me they would have the means ready if that happened.
Corporal Elak Lorekeeper Surprised me with his coming up with aseveral books that would aid in my studies And I was able to learn a new spell that I had felt the need of being around after the fighting was over and the field medics had left off, I am now able to bring the blessings of Dranak to heal even wounds that happened a time back so that there need not be as many of the people maimed in the ways that I had seen before.
We headed out to return to the camp, hoping not to meet trouble, but as always, we have found trouble. I will have to finish writing my logs from this mission after we overcome the challenge ahead, assuming I am able. For now I girt up and prep for the worst.


Mark_Herwig KeithBailey

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