Shaintar J&L Soldiers of Stahlheim

Giving the Prelacy the (Stone)finger!

Our group was tasked to gain aid from the Dwarves of Stonefinger in the form of supplies and an emergency bolt hole. This was accomplished mostly by the honeyed words of my wife who is turning out to be quite the diplomat. On the way to Stonefinger we had met a group of cavalier allies. Fine folk and excellent horsemen. Our trip back proved less fortunate. We encountered a heavy patrol of Camon troops including many thruthbringers (I possibly got the name wrong). though we treated them with respect and things appeared to be going well I assigned Agar to spy on the truthbringers. Using a lozenge of languages provided by Elac, he learned that the Camons were planning on capturing us and taking us to a city for “questioning”. Learning of this through the telepathic link I ordered my force to subdue the 2 Camon guards (Arya got a bit carried away and crushed the throat of one, sometimes when you make an omelette you break some eggs….) We stole all their arcfire armaments as well as their ordinary (albeit magical) gear and 20 fine warhorses as well as a masterbreed warhorse.

Just before arriving back at camp we encountered an Aevakar scout who had an urgent message for Col. Wolfhaven. We healed the flying elf’s wounds/fatigue, including an old wound that had taken his eye (I really must discuss with Arya how dangerous it is to use artifact level magic…)

It turns out we had about 1/2 hour to prepare for a magical assault on the Col. we prepped him with as much anti magic and boosting as we could. An Eldakar named Ash had me make a spirit jar with my Artifice in case he were to be killed. The hope would be to retain his spirit. All our preperations failed as the Col. was laid low in some kind of coma. Attempting to heal him my good friend HH was stricken by a mighty rending spell.

The mad Eldakar, Ash, said he could fix this. All we had to do was kill the Colonel’s corporeal form. His spirit would then fly to the jar I had made and his body could be healed and spirit transferred back (alternatively he suggested that another, better, body could be found, perhaps that of an Eldakar who had lost higher brain functions) at this point he allowed himself to be politely escorted out of the command center. The Elf kept muttering something about “damned plot immunity” and “It would have worked by the rules”. All very strange talk.

All of this leads me to believe that we will be forced to find some other solution to the Wolfhaven problem.

Oh, and we got sent out on patrol and slapped down some undead including a Bone Lord. Very satisfying.


Mark_Herwig faradhii

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