Shaintar J&L Soldiers of Stahlheim

Elak's log

Bandit fortress

Elak’s log
Forest dance the 13th

When we left Dranak’s rest, we left with the gratitude of the miners and the blessings of Dranak. We piled up the carts with the dead and the white silver, and started back for Stahlheim We were an hour from our destination when we came across a contingent of the Stahlheim army led by our captain Rorauk Fyrforg, we quickly reported our success at the mines but he told us there was an even more pressing matter to attend to. He told us of a large group of well supplied bandits who’ve set up shop not far from where we were and that he was sent by the clan chief to take care of them. Rorauk told our group to fall into line and to back him up. Our priest was told to lead the contingent of Druids, while sarge was given half of the forces to personally command.

I followed the Druids as a group of bandits tried to rush our group, they were quickly dispatched. I saw the loss of life so I decided I must save those who I can. I quickly moved to a point where the bandit group could hear me and yelled “surrender and you will be shown mercy.” thankfully the group showed sound reason a surrendered. They came out with their hands up and laid their weapons at our feet. We quickly shackled them and rushed them safely behind our shield wall. Our commanders decided to block the rest of the bandits in by building a shield wall at the opening to the cave but our Technomage had another idea. He saw the bandits surrounding the cave entrance so he called on the ether to blast through the rock as he did at Dranak’s Rest. His powers impressed me in their sheer destructive power as the tore through rock, metal and flesh. I knew this would end badly for the bandits so I decided to put my life on the line to save theirs. I quickly ran through the fresh hole and shouted “surrender or what happened to your friends will surely happen to you.” They quickly dropped their weapons and proceeded out into the cavern to save their lives. We quickly shackled them and spread out through their fortress. We found a few tonne’s of supplies on the first floor and the sarge was nearly killed by another small pocket of resistance, he quickly settled it peaceably. Our forces regrouped around Rorauk and proceeded up into the second level where the shock troops lived and stayed. Led by a warrior of unknown veracity bedecked in magic gear. Rorauk saw him as the threat so he quickly used his silver tongue to turn the troops against their leader. Knowing himself beaten he rubbed a ring and disappeared. We gathered up our prisoners and headed back to Stahlheim.

For valor in combat I was awarded a battlefield promotion by Rorauk Fyrforg and when we returned the captain put in for a distinguished service metal.


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