Shaintar J&L Soldiers of Stahlheim

Elak's Log

Forest Dance the 12th

Elak’s Log,

Forest Dance the 11th (Why do we use these Elvish names?)
I was assigned to a unit headed up by a sorcerer Grum Goldbeard. After I arrived I was summoned to Rorauk Fyrforg himself! I met the rest of my unit, a priest of Dranak named Harrodious Highwall, a scout Agar Gravelturner, a wright/sorcerer Gerard Runestrom. We were told of a new mine that was opened a few days before, where a group of miners hadn’t returned on schedule. Our orders were to go to the mine and figure out what happened, to retrieve the miners alive if possible and if they were dead to bring back the bodies. To figure out what happened to the mines and deal with it appropriately. We were given the evening to rest before heading out.

Forest Dance the 12th
We were escorted by several miners who show us the way to the mine, we were told to protect them. When we arrived we notice the absence of sound…It was eerily silent, we stepped into the main chamber of the cave and saw nothing. The miners told us that the deposits were ahead down a tunnel so the main group went that way. I was curious about the side chamber so I went towards the south and saw two skeletons who just stood there, I think they thought I didn’t see them. So I waited, after a few seconds they attacked me with another skeleton who had been hiding behind a cave wall. As I fought Harrodious came from behind me and took out one of the skeleton’s, I swung and took out another skeleton, as soon as I re-kill it the serge comes barreling out from where the skeletons came from and killed the last one fighting me.

We regrouped in the second chamber and continued on into the third where we found the bodies of the miner’s we were sent to find, Harrodious sense the presence of magic so we held the miners back, it was fortunate as the body’s raised and so combat was engaged. Agar had surged ahead so when the bodies began to move he was surrounded, he began flailing wildly with his knives barely scratching his opponents, as they began to pummel him the sarge came rushing in to save him. Everything was going well until we heard the sound of bone scraping stone to the north, as we were finishing off the last of the zombie’s about a dozen skeleton’s came rushing out of a tunnel and quickly surrounded the sarge and Agar dropping Agar instantly. The sarge held his cool and ordered Gerard Runestrom to unleash his fury on them, so Gerard lined up with the skeleton’s and unleashed a jet of pure energy that disintegrated the skeleton’s and opened up a new tunnel. At that time we heard laughter and a Dwarven necromancer came around the corner and covered our group in a blanket of darkness, we couldn’t see our axes in front of our faces. We stumbled after the Necromancer and he kept shifting the cloud, we finally caught up to him and he bolted sarge right in the chest, thankfully our superior Dwarven craftsmanship saved his life as the plate mail saved his life. When I heard what happened I barreled down the newly formed tunnel and smashed as hard as I could into the vile cretin hoping to smash his ribs, he was prepared magically and I felt a cold darkness surround me, I called upon Dranak and he bestowed upon me a heart of adamant. I steeled myself for another assault when the sarge came running up and smashed the necromancer with his ax, it seemed to slide along the air around the dwarf who laughed at the sarges attempt. That was the last straw! I swung with my shield with all my might and I felt bones break under my assault, the necromancer stumbled backwards down the passageway and tried feebly to raise another shroud of darkness, Gerard laughed at his attempt and came up and knocked him out and hogtied him. We striped searched him and found a magical talking crossbow (I know, weird, right?) and a few mundane items. The crossbow said that the necromancer had desecrated a temple to Dranak, so we went and found the temple empty of bodies in all of it’s crypt’s and the presence of a great evil. The priest and Gerard both worked together to create a device that would cleanse the temple and it worked!!! We set up the miners who said we could mine some whitesilver and keep what we mined! We packed up our supplies, the necromancer, and ourselves and headed back to base.


Mark_Herwig Throning_Karma

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