Shaintar J&L Soldiers of Stahlheim

Bandit clearing

On our way back to Stahlheim we came across Cptn Rorauk and a large contingent of Stahlheim troopers. I was informed that a large group of outlaws had taken over some caverns to the South. My platoon formed up to join the contingent and we proceeded to march upon the outlaws.

Upon arriving at the cavern I was given command of 1/2 of the Stahlheim troopers and Harrodius was given command of the mercenary Druid contingent of Dranak. The mercenaries proceeded forward first and killed several outlaws while only having 2 of their own dropped (those members were promptly healed). My command advanced at the walk with the first rank holding raised shields to protect the second rank of crossbowmen. We mowed down the advancing outlaws.

At this point Elak Lorekeeper intimidated a large portion of outlaws into surrendering. He undoubtedly waved many lives both friendly and bandit alike.

Agar scouted the southern tunnels and found the bandits treasure which he presented to me and I to Rorauk according full honors to Agar.

I took 12 men with me to secure the North East tunnels and ran into the last resistance. One intrepid bandit shot me with a cross bow bolt which I casually tossed aside and demanded their surrender. They wisely complied and we secured some 60+ prisoners to work in the mines.

Elak was awarded a promotion to Cpl. and a medal for his valor.


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