Shaintar J&L Soldiers of Stahlheim

Account of Nightly Avenging

Gerard Runestrom Observations

Whimsical thoughts consumed the brief period of troubling times in Echernaught, enthralled by the harvest of our scout’s adventure with those noxious weapons inflicting terror on the unexpected. Each were allotted the gear and contingency plans were executed to assure those we robbed back could not retaliate. By the stone were we wrong, witnessing a ghastly sight as our encampment got trimmed down to say in lighter words. One Shaya’kar veiled through the mythical powers to block out his foul magic captured his form.

Lieutenant Goldbeard was vigilant in the unrelenting pursuit for the assassin, eventually capturing him with a savage swing of the axe; cleaving through bone and skin as the leg was severed and him barely breathing. Our numbers were severed like his limb, worse our hierarchy was damaged harshly. Through interrogations between myself, Grum, and Elak we received an ominous hint of ignorance as somehow he got word of his death by magical means and wasn’t associated with the others hidden in the city. Harrdious saved countless others with his healing. Executing him the following day, the trap worked as I recognized a few in the crowd and the other captive was given to the rangers. With three known to be the area, we now prepare to take out one connected with the smithy in the town. In other news these new items help attempt a new experiment. Lets say we will have a true bodyguard soon.


Mark_Herwig Ruben_Rivera

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